CPAT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I sign up for and pay for CPAT?

Simply follow the instructions at Once registered, you will have access to available dates and times for booking a session.  You will pay the $350.00+ taxes by Visa or MasterCard and receive confirmation of payment and booking to the email that you provided.  It is also your responsibility to arrange and pay for your own medical that is required in order to ensure that you have been cleared by a medical practitioner to perform CPAT. 

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Do I need a medical clearance for CPAT?

Yes, you do need a medical clearance and It is also your responsibility to arrange and pay for it. The medical form must be completed by a medical doctor (general medical practitioner). Any costs incurred in this examination or the completion of this form are the sole responsibility of the candidate. The Par-Q form must be completed by the candidate. The Par-Q form and medical form are valid for one year from the date of completion.

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Which fire departments can access my results?

We do not provide results to fire departments that are hiring.   It is your responsibility to inform a department or fire academy of your CPAT results.

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How long are CPAT results valid?

The employer (individual fire department or municipality) decides how long to honor CPAT results. The CPAT Program validates for one year from the time of your test date. Some employers may require a CPAT pass within the one year timeframe of the hire based on their own hiring procedures.

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How is the CPAT graded?

CPAT is a pass-or-fail test only. Your time will not be disclosed to outside fire departments or the individual candidate(yourself), only pass/fail results. Therefore, time will not be used to rank any candidate in any selection process for employment. You must complete all eight stations within the time limit of 10 minutes and 20 seconds.

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Will I receive a Certificate if I pass?

On successful completion of the CPAT session, the CPAT certificate will be made available online the next business day and can be printed for one year, until expiration.

The CPAT certificate issued by the City of Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service is valid for 1 year from the date of successful completion of the test.

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Do I have to take a CPAT Orientation before taking the CPAT?

AFRS CPAT will provide you with an orientation prior to your test on the date that you have booked.  We will spend 40 minutes with you outlining the requirements for each of the eight events.  By reviewing the CPAT preparation guide and video, in addition to physical fitness training, the orientation prior to your test will give you further awareness and knowledge of what to expect during your test.

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How physically fit should I be for CPAT?

The Candidate Guide suggests specific exercises for the eight physical challenges within CPAT. To truly prepare for the demands of CPAT, you should follow the suggested workouts in the Candidate Preparation Guide.

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How often can I take the test?

It is up to the department how long they will accept CPAT results, but AFRS CPAT will validate your successful PASS for one year from your test date. Each attempt at the CPAT will require the same $350.00 payment as the initial testing process.

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What do I need to bring and wear to my CPAT session?

You will be required to present a valid government-issued photo ID (Driver's License/State ID Card, Military ID, Passport, or Visa) on test day. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE WITHOUT PROPER IDENTIFICATION.

You MUST wear long pants, a T-shirt, and running shoes. NO tank tops, shorts, or sandals.  Jewelry is not allowed. All other equipment (50lb vest, hard hat, gloves, etc.) will be provided. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE WITHOUT PROPER CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR.

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Can I reschedule or get a refund for a test?

$350.00 Exam fee is refundable up to three days prior to your test date less a $50 administration fee.

You can reschedule your test date by logging into your account and switching your date/time yourself.  This has to be done by you.  We do not accept rescheduling requests over the phone.

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CPAT Testing Facility?

AFRS Fire Station #3
28465 Fraser Highway
Abbotsford, BC V4X 1L1


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