The Secondary Fire Academy is a program designed to meet the requirements and parameters of the Secondary School Graduation Program where students are required to complete 100 hours of career related work.

Several students have expressed an interest in firefighting as a career; however, they may have little knowledge of the skills and training required for this career choice.

The Secondary Fire Academy will allow the students to learn about, and practice some of the skills and training firefighters must undertake. In addition, the students will learn information that will enhance their current skills and knowledge, particularly in physical training, teamwork and mechanical aptitude.

The entire program scheduled into a 2 week period format over spring break. A total of eight students will be accepted this year and they will be divided into two groups of four.  Each group will attend the academy for one week, Monday through Friday. Each student will be assigned to a truck crew and will follow that crew through their daily routine and emergency responses. They will also follow a structured training program that varies each day.

The Aptitude Examinations and Application must be completed and submitted under the guidance and supervision of the sponsoring teacher or the school career coordinator.

Any questions about this program should be forwarded to the school career coordinator.

2018 SFA Recruitment Schedule

Subject Date Links
Aptitude Testing Completed by February 09, 2018

Click Here to Complete Mechanical Aptitude Exam

Click Here to Complete Scholastic Aptitude Exam

Online Application Completed by

February  30, 2018

Click Here to Complete online Application.

School Career Coordinator to supply an application ID No.;
This ID# is required to complete online application.

Academy Starts - Group 1

March 19, 2018

Academy Starts - Group 2

March 26, 2018